Launching Men’s Ultimate Pants v1.1: The Deep-Pocketed One

We just produced a new, small batch of our men’s trousers. And while we were at it, we carefully upgraded one crucial detail: the front pockets.

As phones grow larger, and with so many Zephyr wearers being active cyclists, we wanted to further improve the day-to-day experience. So for this new version—we refer to it as v1.1—we went back into prototyping mode for the pockets.

Here’s what’s new: The new front pockets on this model are a lot deeper. A lot. This is a photo of the final prototype. Have a look:

new pocket prototypes
Before (right) and after (left)

new pocket prototypes

If you look closely, you’ll notice the extension. At the highest it’s about an extra 5cm, at the deepest almost 10cm extra. It makes a world of difference.

Fun fact: The men’s model is by far the most sought after model in our line-up. We’re very happy that (despite the name) this model is particularly popular across genders: This classic men’s cut fits well for most gents, but also for lots of ladies who prefer their trousers a little wider and lower on the hip. So if you prefer your front pockets extra deep, give these a shot!

Numbers can be abstract. How deep are these pockets? This big:

new pockets

new pockets
That’s right, you could #EDC your full coffee setup in these front pockets. But please don’t, it’d look super dorky.

Also, as you know we believe in sustainable fashion. So if you already have a pair of Zephyrs, don’t throw them out! Your local alterations shop should be able to alter your pockets for just a few bucks. Just show them this photo and they should be able to help you out. (If you do, we’d love to see a photo!)

The new trousers are up in our store as of now.