Mods, hacks & repairs

We believe it’s important to both make clothes that last long, and to make clothes last long. Part of this journey is to make your pants work for you even if your needs change.

We highly encourage modifications, hacks, and repairs! You can see this in how we designed and shipped Zephyr Berlin.

So we started collecting examples of mods, hacks, and repairs from our creative and most excellent backers. If you changed anything on yours, please share!

What’s in the Zephyrs design to make alterations easy?

Traditional suit pants used to have some spare fabric in the back to more easily let the pants out in case the wearer’s body changed. Most brands stopped doing this because it adds to the bill of materials. In jeans and chinos it’s never really been done. But bodies change! And when they do, it’d be silly if you had to throw out a perfectly good pair of pants.

That’s why we adopted the old school approach: In the back you see the extra fabric that makes it super easy to let out your Zephyrs by an extra size or so. Even if you can’t do it yourself (we personally couldn’t, either!) your local tailor or alterations shop can easily help you out, usually on the cheap.

But sometimes this isn’t enough and you rip a hole into the fabric—something our good friend and backer Dries reminded us of. Despair not! We got your back.

Named after Dries, we introduced the Dries Piece: An extra piece of fabric that can be deployed in cases of emergency.

So let’s see how this plays out in practice!

Little did we know that of all our backers it would be no other than Dries himself who got to use the Dries Piece first! A little accident involving sharp metal, a bike, and potentially a fence left Dries with a little hole in his Zephyrs fabric. That’s exactly what the Dries Piece was made for!

What the fix looked like after

The fix from the inside.

For good measure, deployed Dries Piece as it relates to leftover Dries Piece.

Thanks for the photos, Dries!

We also know of a few more advanced hacks. For example, one of our backers got the womens model but wanted it to sit lower on her waist. Since she had been spending time in Vietnam, she took her Zephyrs to the local tailor and had them lower the waist line. That’s a major mod—we love it!

By the way, we go about it the same way: If we have an idea for a change, we mostly work with a local tailor to test things out. Here, for example, is the prototype for new, deeper pockets.

Deeper pockets for the mens model were by far the single most requested feature: This may not be a universal rule, but from what we heard a lot of our mens models backers and buyers* carry their phones in their front pockets (I do, too). With ever-larger phones this can be problematic, especially while cycling.

(*Fun fact: The Medium-sizsed mens model, named so not because is for men but because it’s based on a traditional mens cut, is by far the most popular model. Many women preferred this slightly looser fit, too.)

So we worked with our local tailor and had the pockets on one pair extended to be deeper:

On the right, the original pocket depth. On the left, the version with extended depth.

These new pockets are 33cm at their deepest points—a whopping extra 8cm!

This is me pushing down my phone to show how deep these new pockets go.

We’re considering running a second small batch with these new pockets—v2 if you will.

But if you’d like deeper pockets on a pair you already have, there’s good news: There’s no need to throw out your old pair! Just talk to your local alterations shop and tell them how deep you’d like your pockets to be. (From a few days of testing, 5-8cm seems to be optimum, but it depends on your preferences.) In our case it cost just a few bucks.

We’ll keep experimenting, and we encourage you to do the same. We’d love to see your mods, hacks & repairs! If you changed anything on your Zephyrs, please send a pic our way.