Production has successfully kicked off

We just shared this with our backer community on Kickstarter, and also wanted to share it with you:

As we move slowly but surely towards holiday season, we wanted to share a quick update with you as to where we are. And we got—almost completely!—great news. We were planning to ship before the holidays. And we’re confident this will happen.

After a couple of weeks of production delay on the side of our fabric supplier we’re running a little behind schedule, but production has kicked off at the beginning of the month.

We had hoped to ship in early to mid December. Instead it’ll be closer to the holidays. We’ve blocked our the 20th and 21st for shipping. We’ve streamlined it as much as possible: After some packaging-prototypes, all shipping boxes in the house. The shipping labels are printed. 100 special Kickstarter Edition hangtags are ready, labeled, and stamped. (Two days before shipping, you’ll have the chance to change the shipping address on Kickstarter; Kickstarter will send out an automated email at that time.) For those of you who backed at the Early Berliner level, the shipping day would also be a great time to swing by and pick up your pair!

So as far as we can estimate, deliveries within Germany should easily arrive in time for the 24th; within Europe we’re reasonably optimistic it’ll also work. For those of you in North America, Australia, and other places outside of Europe we’ll have to hope for the best and ask for your patience in case your packages arrive a couple days later. Fingers crossed for fast shipping! We’re trying to figure out the fastest way to get them to you.

In any case, we should all be able to kick off 2017 in a brand new pair of Zephyrs!

Ps. If you’re learning about Zephyr Berlin pants just now, it’s not too late: In our initial production batch of 100 pairs—our Kickstarter Edition—we have a few pairs of pants that are not already spoken for. These are up for sale now, and we’ll ship as many of them as we can together with that first round of shipping for Kickstarter. So with a bit of luck, you could have your pair by the holidays! Secure your pair right now!