It’s all about the details

When we set out to design Zephyr Berlin pants we knew the top priority for us was to focus on the strengths of small batch production: Quality materials, top notch manufacturing, fair wages for the seamstresses & seamsters. (If you’re wondering: Yes, seamster is—or at least was—an actual word).

In other words, small batch production really shines in the details. For our first batch of 100 pairs of Kickstarter Edition pants, this includes things like:

No visible branding
We love subtlety and aren’t big fans of big logos all over the place. The only place you’ll find a logo on any of these pants is on the small label with washing instructions. On the outside, only those in the know will recognize your pair. (There’s a secret handshake, too.)

Top-notch YKK zippers
YKK zippers are widely recognized as the best, most lasting zippers on the market. Beautiful charcoal buttons complete the look. Here’s what a handful of zippers look like:

Zippers just arrived
A handful of YKK zippers

Super-soft cotton pocket lining
On the outside, Zephyr Berlin pants are all about performance fabric that’s long-lasting, repels water, is breathable and has four-way stretch for incredible comfort. But inside the pocket, after testing various materials, we picked a super soft cotton to line the pockets. It’s super nice.

A little extra fabric for emergencies
These pants can take a beating. But after hearing from friends about some hole-related pants emergencies even with high-quality brands, we’ll try to include a small bit of extra fabric for emergency patching. (We call it the Dries piece, for reasons.) Just in case anything horrible happens to your pants. Generally speaking we’ll do what we can to make these pants not just as long-lasting as they are, but also to make sure they can be fixed and adapted easily.