We’re launching on Kickstarter!

There are two models of Zephyr Berlin pants. One in men’s cut, one in women’s cut.

Update – we’re live on Kickstarter NOW!

It’s Saturday, September 10th, late afternoon. We’ve been heads-down every evening and on weekends preparing for the next phase of Zephyr Berlin: Preparing the production of a small batch of Zephyr Berlin pants (or trousers, for our British friends).

The first step on this journey is finding out how many people—other than us—would want such a product, and to fund this production. That’s right, we’re going on Kickstarter (starting September 14th)!

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This is an exciting step. The first time our idea comes into contact with the “real” world. This whole project so far has been a great learning experience for us. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

For now, here’s how you can help:
Help us spread the word. Know someone who loves to travel, or just want to wear a great pair of pants/trousers for everyday? Let them know.
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Below, we’ll give you a bit of background, and answer some questions we’ve been getting.So if you want to learn a bit more about what to expect, read on. On that note, enjoy your weekend!

Zephyr Berlin. Detail.
Women’s model: Details.

How are you making these pants?
Made from sustainability-certified Swiss performance fabric, hand-made locally in Berlin for fair wages in a small batch, everything that goes into Zephyr Berlin is top-of-the-line. We believe there are many people who want reliable, good looking, high quality pants. We know we wouldn’t want to give up our own prototype pair for anything.

Will Zephyr Berlin pants fit you?
Most likely, yes! Everyone’s body is unique. During our extensive tests we found that the Swiss Schoeller performance fabric we use, with its four-way stretch, isn’t just incredibly comfortable, it’s also very flattering for all kinds of body types. When we did the grading (fashion speak for sorting out sizes for production) we noticed how many of our friends were well above average in terms of tallness. So we will offer a version with longer legs. It’s more work, but we believe it’s important.

What are the different backer levels on Kickstarter?
We have several tiers, starting from a smaller supporter level (where we list you on the website as a supporter and you’ll get a surprise handwritten postcard from an upcoming trip), up to reserving two pairs of pants to be shipped to you before the holidays as a great gift for your loved ones (or yourself). At the top end, the Creators Set comes with two pair of pants plus naming rights: We’ll name this first model of pants after you.
If the production of this first small batch is successful and we start producing a larger batch, we expect a pair to retail at around €220; so no matter at which reward level you back, you’ll be saving money. Plus, you’ll be the proud owner of a special Kickstarter edition!

Zephyr Berlin
Kickstarter rewards chart. Please note that we’ll ship the first 100 pairs in time for Christmas. That’s 100% of all reward levels but “Classic”, and as many of the “Classic” as we can manage beyond that. The rest is scheduled to ship around February.

Are these pants really that flexible?
Yes! Both literally—they have a beautiful four way stretch—and metaphorically: They look great when you dress them up with a blazer and just as stylish in a bar or out and about. They’re true team players. And because the fabric is water and dirt repellent as well as well as breathable and wicking, they perform really nicely even while you’re in nature. We’ve personally tested them in just about every context, from presentations to day hikes, from cycling to work to karaoke nights, and everything in between.

Does it really make such a big difference while traveling?
This is an almost philosophical question (just google for “minimal travel packing”), and for us the answer is clear: It makes a huge difference. Here’s why: Packing for travel is hard if you try to be flexible and not lug around a ton of stuff. We started Zephyr Berlin so we could have the perfect travel setup: Two pairs of pants to give you total peace of mind while traveling, no matter if it’s for 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months.

What’s the environmental impact?
We use fabric that is Bluesign certified, one of the strictest standards of certification for environmental sustainability. Maybe even more importantly, because of their water and dirt repellent properties the pants don’t stain easily and require a lot less washing. This makes a huge difference for the environmental impact.

What seasons are these pants for?
They’re best during fall, winter, and spring. (Depending on your climate zone, your mileage may vary.) In the heat of summer, nothing beats linen and/or shorts. The rest of the year, your Zephyr Berlin pants have you covered.

Got any questions for us? Get in touch anytime. We’re @zephyrberlin on Twitter, and you can email us at zephyrberlin at gmail dot com.

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