The ultimate performance fabric

We searched far and wide to find the perfect fabric for ultimate everyday trousers. When we found Schoeller® Soft Shell Dryskin, we knew it was perfect right away.

What’s the material?
We work with Schoeller® Soft Shell Dryskin. It’s an amazing performance fabric. The double fabric construction developed originally for active sports consist of hard wearing polyamide on the outside and function fibres on the inside for rapid moisture transport and comfort. This supports physical performance capacity during sporting activities; more importantly it is super comfortable, lightweight, wrinkle free. Their four-way stretch allows for an incredible freedom of movement.

These pants are made from pleasantly soft and comfortable stretch woven fabrics. They are highly elastic, extremely hard wearing, and extremely easy to care for. Nanosphere® treatment makes them dirt repelling.

Schoeller describes its basic properties as follows (and we’d consider it Swiss understatement):
– Breathable
– Wind and water repellent
– Permanent elasticity
– Hard wearing and durable
– Moisture Transport
– functional fi bres
– Fast drying
– High level of comfort

How does it feel?
Short answer: amazing! Longer answer: The pants are amazingly lightweight. We measured a pair of regular men’s jeans, a pair of cotton/twill slacks, and a pair of Zephyr Berlin. Here’s how they compare:
Jeans: 600g
Cotton/twill: 460g
Zephyr Berlin: 380g

How warm are they?
In terms of temperature they wear like a regular pair of jeans. Only difference: if it’s really windy, they’ll keep you warmer as they resist wind better than denim. They are treated with Nanosphere® to be highly water repellent. Water literally just jumps off.

In short, they’re incredibly comfortable and perform great. Every day, everywhere.