Our story

We travel a lot. In 2015 alone, we spent about five months on the road traveling for work and for fun. The best journeys combine both.

For example, a recent trip departed from a business meeting in London, to the sun-soaked Australian coast, on to freezing rain in a New Zealand fjord, followed by a conference in San Francisco and then a snowy Christmas in the Black Forest.

This kind of travel is a privilege, and it taught us a lot about treasuring what we choose to use every day. Like the clothes we wear. This is true at home as much as on the road.

Zephyr scribbles

We learned we want to wear things that are adaptable, look great, and perform well no matter where you go and what you do.

So we searched for clothes made with high-performance fabrics, in stylish cuts, that we could wear for years.

Prototype Pants
One of the first prototypes

We couldn’t find much. There is hardly any women’s clothing made this way, and in Europe we couldn’t find any offerings. Most clothes we found tended to be designed for the outdoors or the gym rather than the places where we wanted to wear them.

Zephyr prototyping
Final prototypes

So, we set out to make these clothes we wanted ourselves. We teamed up with our experienced Swedish fashion designer friend Cecilia, researched amazing fabric, and created our first two pairs of pants: one for women and one for men. Zephyr Berlin had arrived.

Ps. In Greek mythology Zephyr is the gentlest of the winds, the messenger of spring. An apt name for these pants of ours we think.