Our philosophy: Buy less and buy better

We strongly believe in positive change through smarter, more considerate consumption: Every day, too many clothes are discarded when they’re still good because they’re out of style, or they show wear and tear too quickly.

At Zephyr Berlin, we produce high quality, and fairly. Our fabrics are top-notch Swiss performance fabrics, fully BlueSign certified for sustainable, ecologically sound production processes. Our pants are hand-made in Berlin by local seamsters and seamstresses with fair pay. The pants are styled in classic cuts to mix and match well and aren’t seasonal: They’ll look good with whatever you combine them with, and for years to come. They’re real team players.

We also believe in traveling well and consciously. Peace of mind and traveling light are essential. Our goal is that with two pairs of Zephyr Berlin pants, you’re set no matter where you go, no matter how long you go.

Prototype Pants
Zephyr Berlin pants are good team players. Mixing and matching is easy (not just with a black hoodie).

traveling light
It should be easy to travel for two weeks through four cities in three countries with a carry-on. In fact, we tried, and it was.

Meetings, day hikes, presentations, cycling, holidays, or just chilling at home: These pants got your back. They’re incredibly versatile. And they’ll look good, no matter if you’re on the road or at home.

Sneak peek: Zephyr Berlin photoshoot
A little more formal? Not a problem.

Maybe more importantly, they travel really well. They are practically wrinkle free for easy packing, stretch four ways and are very breathable for total comfort, are water and stain repellent for easy care. They’re super trousers made from super textiles.

Sneak peek: Zephyr Berlin photoshoot
Out and about and cought in the rain? Zephyr Berlin pants will keep you dry.

After extensive testing we’re confident our pants will last for years and still look great. So you can buy less, but better. And you don’t just get a pair of pants, but peace of mind. No matter if you’re on the road or at home.

That’s what we aim for with Zephyr Berlin: Pants of top notch quality that look great, perform and travel well, and are built to last.