Living with our prototypes

We believe it’s important to live with the consequences of your own actions. So of course we want to make sure to test the clothes we make under real-life circumstances: Should anything go wrong, then we should be the first to suffer the consequences!

So we’ve been testing our prototype pants—both models—for months, kind of in stealth mode. We wouldn’t point it out, but wear them in public in all kinds of situations and contexts. To name a few:

On stage in Helsinki, moderating a conference, just after Cecilia had finished this first kinda-sorta production ready prototype:

Prototype Pants
Peter onstage in Helsinki, hosting Interaction16 conference with a brand new prototype.

Prototype Pants
…and later that day, testing the augmented climbing wall

During a work month in Lisbon:

M with her Zephyr Berlin prototypes
Michelle in her prototypes in Lisbon

Mirror portrait
Michelle and Peter strolling along Lisbon’s waterfront

In an airport cab at 4am:

Prototype Pants
Peter during Milan Design Festival, in a cab to the airport at 4am with a connected bird cage between his feet.

But it wasn’t all nice weather of course:

Prototype pants in the rain
Caught in a massive rain shower: Not a problem.

Our experience so far? These pants are amazing. (We wouldn’t open this up to the public if they weren’t.) We had one pair each, and tested them like crazy, in all these weathers and contexts. In total we took them on 15 trips to 6 countries. We couldn’t be happier.

Cycling to work, easy. Caught in the rain, not a problem. In a meeting but want to go out for drinks later, perfect. Spontaneous day hike, sure thing. Roll them up and squeeze them into a backpack but have look sharp later? Not. A. Problem.

In the future, when we go on a trip anytime from fall to spring, we’re most likely to just take two pairs and won’t have anything to think about.

It’s total peace of mind, which is priceless.